Paul Stasiak, designs

My name is Paul D Stasiak. I am an artist/machinist working out of a small shop in Indian Orchard Massachusetts. I work in many materials but especially love titanium.  I started machining in high school and graduated from a machine shop program in 1987. At graduation I was already working in a machine shop on a co-op program. I worked at a few other shops over the years until I finally started my own. I use my years of technical experience in the machining industry to make some very unique artistic products. I have one lathe, one milling machine, a sandblaster, a heat treating oven and a few small bench tools and work in a small studio in the Indian Orchard Mills   Many of my creations are made in very small quantities. I am a true one man shop and from start to finish every PSD item is completely fabricated by me individually including the packaging. I have been using my PSD logo on my artwork for many years (before I even started working in titanium) and it is on all my machined titanium items. PSD is an artistic monogram of my initials in a double infinity helix and is especially fitting for titanium items due to the fact that titanium has about the same corrosion resistance as gold and is nearly infinite. I really love the fact that my items can be on earth for many thousands of years.

It may be interesting to note I have a very strict rule on the use of my logo on my metal items. You will only see the PSD double infinity logo on a titanium item. This is why my Monkey Wrenches have the letters "PSD" on them instead of the logo, they are made of heat treated stainless steel.

SALES: I sell most of my items through retailers. Each item on this site that is available through a retailer has a link to that retailer. If a picture does not have a link to a retailer it is something I made in the past and probably not currently available. If you are interested in an item or have any other questions or comments please feel free to send me a message at the address below: